Frequently Asked Questions

What modes of payment are available on NIFT ePay?

We offer the following modes of payments. You may choose to integrate as many methods as you wish.
         a. Bank Account
         b. Credit/Debit cards
         c. Mobile Wallet

How can I make transactions using NIFT ePay?

Account-based Transaction:
You can make payment by entering account number, CNIC and Onetime Password (sent on your registered number by your bank)

Card-based Transactions:
You can make payment by using your Visa or Master card. You need to enter card credentials to complete the transaction

Mobile Wallet:
You can make payment by entering wallet number. Transaction will be completed after verification on registered mobile number/wallet.

When will the amount be settled to the merchant?

Payment settlement days against each payment method are mentioned below:
         a. Bank Account: T+1 Working day
         b. Credit/Debit cards: T+3 Working days
         c. Mobile Wallet: T+1 Working day

Is the Merchant Disc Rate (MDR) uniform for all payment instruments?

We offer customized MDR with respect to payment instrument after careful evaluation of various business needs of the merchant. MDRs considered include percentage-based, tier-based and flat rates to name a few.

Which integration methods are being supported by NIFT ePay?

We offer a wide array of integration method such as APIs, plugin and redirections.

What are the plugins available to integrate with NIFT ePay Online Payment Gateway?

The following plugins are available for swift integration:
         a. Shopify
         b. Woocommerce/WordPress
         c. Magento
         d. Zencart
         e. Opencart
         f. Joomla
         j. Prestashop

Who can become an NIFT ePay Online Merchant?

Any business/entity having a live website or mobile app for selling products or services can avail NIFT ePay Online Payment Gateway services.

Is there any support available from NIFT ePay for integration?

In addition to provision of a detailed integration guide with you and our merchant integration team will handhold you from start till completion of the integration process.

How can I view transactions?

NIFT ePayment gateway offers merchant portal where you can view your transaction history, settlement reports and process refunds among other things.

What is the signing-up process for NIFT ePay Online Payment Gateway?

The sign-up process involves the following major steps:
         a. Merchant submits application along with supporting documents
         b. NIFT ePay verifies merchant
         c. Merchant integrates its website/mobile app with NIFT ePay
         d. Testing and Go Live

Is there any support available from NIFT ePay for registration?

You may call us at +92-21-111-112-222 or drop an email at in case of any queries/concerns.

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