Business Payments

Assisting entities in undertaking contextual payments with detailed records of each transaction is possible with NIFT ePay business payments service.

It encourages real time settlement of funds, enhances turnout time and makes traceability easily accessible for the entities.

NIFT ePay is enabling corporate payments with contextual information which is being shared with the banks for facilitation of transactions for entities to provide them smooth, quick and real time payment mechanisms. All the data which is captured within the transaction helps entities to keep track of the transactions, settle receivables and payables and enhance or reduce the transaction completion cycle especially when advance payment is needed for delivery of goods/services.


Simplified Digital Transactions

Business transactions are complex and complicated in nature. To simplify the payment mechanism, NIFT ePay is offering a payment platform which will make the payments convenient, secured, visible and accessible for the entities. Majority of the transactions in Pakistan are paper-based which have high cost due to physical handling, movement, security, storage and compliance needed for payments.

NIFT ePay in collaboration with its technology partners and leveraging ISO 20022 message scheme is designing and embedding a contextual transaction engine in its digital payment platform. For smoothening and enhancing efficiency of payment process, NIFT ePay’s technology partner facilitates business entities to initiate an integrated transaction with their ERP.


Types of business payments

All entities have to make payments within their operational framework at regular intervals. To keep track of all the transactions, they can be streamlined by integrating NIFT ePay Payment gateway with their ERP. Here are some of the payment types which can be simplified with NIFT ePay payment platform.

With the range of options in place which can be utilized by the business entities regardless of their size, NIFT ePay Business Payments is the turnkey solution for all your business needs. This platform will assist you in undertaking and fulfilling your business tasks efficiently and profoundly.


Supply Chain Payments

NIFT ePay improvtes suppliers’ cash cycle, allows efficiency invoice-to-cash through one platform securely and creates working capital benefits for all the participants onboard.

Vendor Payments

NIFT ePay vendor payment solution improves the cash flow, manages the invoices proficiently, provides working capital, can assist in early payment discounts and helps strengthen vendor relationships.


Government Payments

NIFT ePay provides a single gateway merchant for all business to government payments. A unified reporting solution is provided along with storage of data in single place across all departments. With the help of integrated payment system, government bodies can function smoothly and efficiently while minimizing the digital transaction cost.

Individual Payments

NIFT ePay allows businesses to serve their customers efficiently by presenting them range of options for digital transactions. The payment platform ensures that the businesses can complete their transactions securely, quickly and conveniently.


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