Digital Commerce

Having smooth, quick and trustworthy transaction has become the key challenge for efficient payments.

NIFT ePay can take responsibility of assisting you in management of the payments profoundly and proficiently.

Accept Payments –<br />Quicker, simpler and smarter

Accept Payments –
Quicker, simpler and smarter

Whether you are running a small firm or a large entity, managing your finances are your utmost concern especially when ensuring that payment mechanisms are reliable and secured.

NIFT ePay will develop a customized solution so that payments are facilitated accurately, quickly and in accordance with compliance regulations.

  • Payments can move quickly.
  • Platform aligns with latest industry trends to make your business adaptable.
  • Easy to follow steps for customers – convenience in doing payments from anywhere for any business i.e. Digital Commerce, mutual funds, bank transactions and others.
  • Digital payments can increase revenue for the entity.

Demand Supply Diagram

It is evident from the statistics that there are more bank accounts and mobile wallets in contrast to debit and credit cards. Therefore, there is huge potential forIt is evident from the statistics that there are more bank accounts and mobile wallets in contrast to debit and credit cards. Therefore, there is huge potential for incorporating these payment mechanisms for the clients. Moreover, there is need for real time payments by businesses through secured platform so that their payments are processed swiftly and quickly. 

There is adequate demand for convenient payment mechanism for digital payments. Account-based, credit/debit card and digital wallets offer sound security controls for digital payment processing. Also, NIFT ePay in compliance with ISO 20022 will provide complete details about the transaction context – this is something which only we are offering and this is lacking in existing digital commerce payment options.

To present our clients with unique and practical payment options, we have developed three payment mechanisms.


Account-Based Payments

With bank details, customers just need to enter the details of their bank account (Account Number and CNIC Number) for payment. They will be given One Time Password (OTP) for verification. After OTP,

Credit/Debit Card Based Payments

Credit/Debit card payments are processed through International payment gateways such as Visa and MasterCard which further customizes payment authorization for banks issuing debit/credit cards. These payments are processed as authorized by their issuer banks which can be OTP or Secure Code.



Digital wallets allow customers to make their purchases conveniently. Wallets option can be used via NIFT ePay payment gateway efficiently and it is mostly utilized by youngsters who want to make payments electronically quickly.

International payment methods and instruments

In alliance with, NIFT ePay can facilitate acceptance of international payment methods (such as PayPal and AliPay to name a few) against goods and services of all domestic merchants supported by NIFT ePay.


Unique Aspects of Payment mechanisms

Holistic solution for any entity

Whether you are a global entity or are on the verge of becoming one, NIFT ePay will give you a powerful platform solution. Delight your customers by offering them a range of their preferred payment options – get more value for your money with each transaction.


Build Seamless experience for your customers

Customers are looking for easy paying processes – saving up their time and effort. Your payments can be streamlined with single integration – instantly start accepting the widely accepted payment methods through NIFT ePay.

Compliance and Security

NIFT has expertise in managing all the payment transactions locally and globally within regulatory framework. Our professionals have adequate knowledge about the compliance requirements – ensuring that no legal boundaries are crossed for any transaction.

  • Secured transaction data for compliance
  • Know Your Customer and other important checks for merchants
  • Optimized requirements for identity verification
  • Compliance with all regulations
  • Sanctions screening
  • ISO 9001-2000 certified for Clearing Services
  • ISO 27001 certified for Information Security Services
  • PSO and PSP operator licensed and nominated by State Bank of Pakistan
Compliance and Security

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Get an edge by giving various payment
options to customers

Digital commerce payments has wide scope in Pakistan as people are looking for payment options other than credit/debit card based payments. In comparison to number of card owners, majority of people have bank accounts – they want to use these details for transaction only on secured platform. As of June 2019, some key statistics are as follows:

Get an edge by giving various payment<br />
options to customers

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