Digitization has enabled to introduce eCheques
(digital version of paper cheques) – ensuring secure and efficient processing of payments.

With accessibility to eCheques services, clients can undertake large value payments online with ease.

Making cheques digital

Handling physical cheques especially for payments with large amounts is a challenging and time consuming process. To address prevailing challenges for paper cheques and to provide convenience to the clients, NIFT ePay has introduced an eCheque service. eCheques are digitally signed by the payer and certified by Payer’s bank. Digital channels are utilized for issuance, transmission and presentation of eCheques. Also, bulk issuance and presentment is supported via this facility.

Due to digital nature of eCheques, clearing and settlement cycles are quicker compared to paper cheques. eCheques also offer digital record keeping for effective referencing. With the help of centralized eCheque management and presentment, some issues such as duplicate presentment can also be avoided using eCheques.

You can streamline your business financial transactions by our quick, easy to manage and secured eCheques services.


Simplified and redefined procedure

In contrast to conventional physical cheque system, eCheque process is smooth to meet the quick and secured payment requirements of our clients.

With eCheque facility, registration can be easily done and services such as issuance of eCheque book, issuance and presentment of eCheques are digitized. Cheque generation and issuance can be undertaken either through bank’s digital channels or NIFT eCheque Portal/app – key details are saved for future reference. Additionally, post-dated eCheques are also supported.


The transmission is simple – directly from originating channel to Payee’s email or WhatsApp or through any digital channel using a secure pdf file which can be downloaded. Payer can also present on behalf of Payee via supported channels subject to Payee’s confirmation. The clearing and settlement actions are performed by NIFT aligned with the final instructions given by the bank.

Salient aspects of eCheques

  • Forging and tempering risks are avoided due to enhanced security features.
  • eCheques are environment friendly as there is no need of using paper or printed cheques.
  • Offers convenience to customers as this facility can be used from any location at any time.
  • Customers and beneficiaries are not required to visit their respective bank branches in person for any cheque related matter.
  • Both customer and beneficiary are informed about the eCheque status.
  • Reconciliation can be easily done.
  • Contextual information for payment can be captured through eCheques.
  • Risks of delays and delivery failures are avoided as delivery is through digital channels.
  • Quick settlement and clearing cycles.
  • Extended cut-off timing for overnight clearing.
Salient aspects of eCheques

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