QR Unification

Understanding the demand of clients to offer one QR code for convenience, NIFT ePay has made interoperability easy.

With QR unification, a customer of any issuer can scan QR of any acquirer and process the transactions with their preferred payment choice.

Providing unification with efficiency

NIFT ePay is using inclusive approach by collaborating with its technology partners to form a central repository to consolidate and register all QR merchants and all prevailing QR code standards in Pakistan.

By making necessary changes in the mobile apps of the issuers, the mobile apps will be able to read any QR code and transmit it to NIFT which will identify acquirer and merchant behind the QR and the transaction will be routed through NIFT ePay payment gateway for processing.


Benefits of QR Unification

  • Interoperability becomes easy among the merchants and acquirers along with other parties involved.
  • Customers can conveniently use single QR code – scan the unified code displayed at a merchant using their preferred payment application and make the necessary payment.
  • When all QR schemes, their standards and merchants are on a unified platform, any QR code can be read and sent to the central entity to resolve merchant and acquirer details which are required for transaction processing.
Benefits of QR Unification

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